Optimized for heavy load,
100% open PHP code
Incredibly flexible site builder
Multiple monetization channels
Firsthand customer support by developers
Multi-server support for storage and conversion plus multiple languages
Optimized for heavy load, 100% PHP code availability
Incredibly flexible site builder
Multiple monetization channels
Firsthand customer support by developers
Multi-server support for storage and conversion plus multiple languages
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  • KVS for online cinema sites

    For more than 9 years, we have been helping launch cinema sites. For this entire time, we have been improving our product. Now, KVS is a truly powerful and reliable solution with automated import, automated data filling, detailed stats and features that help you easily build and grow sites.

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  • KVS for education sites

    We have been collaborating with many of the education sites. This experience made KVS into the powerful and reliable system it is today, offering easy to use management tools, robust content protection, detailed stats and great site network building features.

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  • KVS for tube / lifestyle sites

    For the entire time KVS has been around, hundreds of tube / lifestyle sites went live powered by our product. Many of these have grown into major sites and networks with unique features. Automated importing, grabbers, synonimization, automated data filling, advanced stats and site network building features are great assets when you are starting a tube / lifestyle site of your own.

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  • KVS for one-of-a-kind sites

    We are sure that nothing is impossible when you want to build a truly unique scalable solution. For years, we have been helping launch advanced, ambitious sites from scratch, without the owners having to spend months of development and invest a lot of money.

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Customers about KVS


The KVS tube script was exactly what our team has been looking for. The script has unlimited possibilities which can satisfy even the tech people which are really hard to please. Besides that, the script is perfectly stable.

We have more than 500K unique visitors on one of our tube sites and we never had any problems. There are a lot of features, but the script is easy to use and the developers offer fast and efficient support (install and migration).

Arthur aka SteelArt

I had my doubts at first. I spent quite a bit of time considering the purchase and I was really skeptical towards KVS. It looked overly complicated and hard to understand. Then, I spent some time studying the demo of the admin panel and read the detailed manual. Done, I wanted KVS.

I purchased it and never regretted doing so. A fantastic sctipt, no less. I have never seen anything better, ever. You feel professionalism in everything, the script is written by really experienced high end...

Evgeniy Zhilin

Now we are nearing the completion of the beta version of our site’s front end. The site is powered by KVS.

Right now, the main stage is moving the user account data and uploaded videos from the old engine into the new site, plus reworking the video adding algorithm and creating a template for online broadcast, plus, adapting our system scripts to the way our new site will be working. I consider this stage to be completed successfully. At this stage, we did our best to learn things where...

Kiparis Fedorov

This script is very easy to use. The best thing for video based sites in my opinion. Never regretted choosing it. The support team are great, they respond fast and are super easy to understand.


I have gone through tons of scripts and all of them seemed to have their pros and cons. Clipshare and KVS were my favorites. IMHO one should just ignore the rest.

I chose KVS, what do I say now? Pretty happy with it. I like how my site is built of these modules which you can combine in any way you want. You just need to know a bit of HTML. Fits my special needs perfectly. I really needed social features and of course a user-friendly admin area is always great.


I switched to KVS, I also use other sites and can compare different scripts. This stuff rules.

The admin area has all the features I needed, even more. Two languages there as well, with detailed instructions about anything you may want to know.

Nothing to complain about in terms of how it works, really well thought through and handy.


I have been using KVS as a tube site backend since April. The first week was introductory, then I customized the script the way I wanted.

It’s very much a set of tools, when you know what you want, you’ll build it. The support team turned out to be very nice, thanks a lot, guys. If you are just starting and can afford the license, let me tell you this, buy KVS and you’ll never regret it. I have spent 3 months working with this software and there’s nothing negative I can say. They will...


I have been in the web development business for a while and I know the features of all major CMS scripts.

So I’m really demanding when it comes to a tube site’s backend. This script meets all the modern demands and is suitable for any site. This includes microtubes and install and forget sites and for major sites as well. Though you will need to invest in customization in the latter case.

The script lets you do all of it. Also, it’s extremely flexible and lets you mold it into...


KVS was perfect for our site. If only we had known about it before. It would have saved us tons of $$$ and nerves! KVS is a great buy.

Originally our site was running on another script but it just couldn’t handle the load. We decided to build the site from scratch which meant spending thousands of dollars and a few months. Not exactly something you’re happy about.

When we purchased KVS and gave it some test runs, it rocked our world. It’s cheaper, faster, more stable. Kudos to the...


Several years working with this script, previously tried many different solutions, but not one of them can not even half of all that can boast of KVS. I want to share my recent experience: my last site was launched as a side project in the basic version of the engine, but the site has grown very rapidly in terms of attendance and at the moment it has more than one million page views daily. Due to the two-level caching and multiserver this site is powered by one powerful server and multiple...

KVS advantages

Incredibly flexible site builder. Create new pages or modify existing ones without programming skills. Save on maintenance costs and forget about bugs in the code.

We never provide customer support using third party operators. All your questions and issues are handled by the developers themselves who obviously know their product inside and out. All issues are solved right away without getting bounced endlessly between support and tech. We understand how absolutely important this is, and customer feedback proves that we are doing it right.

KVS means 9 years of non-stop development and improvement. Even though the product became popular and stable pretty fast, we never stopped perfecting it. Most our customers own top level sites, this is why we always need to offer up to date features and services to match. KVS is all about cutting edge features that fully satisfy the current needs of site owners all over the world.

The code is fully optimized for high loads. 100% of the PHP code is available to buyers. You can be sure that your site is 100% backdoor free and nobody else can take control over your site. You can make any modifications you want, at any time.

Build multiple site versions in different languages and get more international traffic. Manage language versions in the easy to use admin panel where translators can be easily controlled and text content is easy to manage.

Make your site easier to use. Offer videos in more resolutions, formats, and quality settings. Monetize your site using free video trailers and full movies for subscribed users. Manage your video formats as you build and expand your site based on your source files. You just choose the parameters, and KVS does the rest.

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